I’ve created this site to share all of the tips, techniques, and methods for raising happy babies that I’ve learned through my years of experience.

Me, at age 5, carrying my most precious doll on my hip like a real baby.

For me, it all started when I was just 5 years old and someone allowed me to feed a baby in the nursery at church; I was hooked! I wanted to learn as much as I could and I wanted to take care of all the little ones that I met…even though I was still little myself. I would hold any baby that I was would allowed to. And I would attach myself to any pregnant woman I could; asking questions and listening. My first babysitting job was when I was just 10 years old; that sounds pretty crazy now, but I was not a typical 10 year old. I remember the mom of that first little one told my mom that I knew more about giving birth than she did…she met me at our apartment pool the summer she was pregnant and I would swim over to talk to her every time I saw her. By 19, I had babysat over 100 children…yes, I remember counting one night in the fall of 1993 as I was going to sleep and I stopped counting when I reached 100. The summer after my high school graduation I was hired for my first full time nanny job.

My girl and I on her first birthday

By the time I was 20, I thought I knew everything about raising kids. Seriously. It all seemed very clear to me: black and white. When my daughter was born later that year, I was not nervous; I thought I knew everything about being a parent. But during those first 5 years, I learned so much more about raising a happy child. I had all of those years of experience taking care of other people’s children, but had never been in a situation where I truly needed to think about the long term impact of all my choices and actions. I remember those first months, I couldn’t stop thinking about how each of my decisions were going to effect my daughter’s entire life: her self image; her self esteem; whether she would be a leader or a follower, her sense of security; her sense of peace and contentment; her ability to trust; her understanding of compassion, empathy, and love; and one day, her ability to have great, long-term relationships with others. The job of being a mom was suddenly very clear. And honestly, a little overwhelming. I loved my daughter more than anything else in this world and I really could not stand the thought of failing her! So, I applied all my thinking and problem solving skills to the most important job I would ever do in my life.

My daughter gave me my first experience with caring for a baby in the middle of the night…and they didn’t go as smooth as our days. I learned many lessons in those first 8 months.

My girl and I on her 18th birthdayI continued to work as a nanny during the days and brought my daughter along with me. These were some of the best years of my life!

Then in 2006, when my daughter was 10 years old, I started homeschooling her as well as started my own photography business. About that same time, I also found an ad for a night nanny; I’d never heard of this job before, but I was so excited as soon as I read it because it seemed like the perfect part time job for me. I could get more baby time and help tired mamas catch up on some much needed sleep. And since I’m a natural thinker and problem solver, as I was caring for these little ones in the night and trying to make them comfortable, I started to notice that if I made some very small (but significant) decisions, it led them to sleep through the night by 10 weeks. I did this over and over until I became so confident that I started to give my guarantee. It was later, around 2008, that I started coaching parents with older babies to help their little ones learn to sleep through the night and love their cribs within approximately 3 nights.

I truly want to help parents understand their little ones, feel prepared, and actually enjoy the early years! I’m sure there will be some people who won’t agree with everything I share here. But, I want you to know that I am passionate about what I do. And I always keeps the important, long-term goals in mind when working with little ones. I want them to feel cherished for who they are as an individual, truly loved, safe, secure, encouraged, and optimistic; to have their days filled with smiles, laughter and consistent boundaries; to be developmentally stimulated in all areas; and last, but not least, as they grow I want to help them be prepared to handle the times in their lives when the answer is “no”. I believe all these things together make truly happy babies …who have the best chance to become intelligent, loving, secure, well adjusted adults with the potential to contribute great things to our society.

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